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Unlocking FAQs:

What is unlocking? What are the benefits? Can you save on roaming? What are there risks? Is unlocking legal? How to get an unlock code for a Blackberry, HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Apple and more…


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General Frequently Asked Questions

What is Unlocking?

Mobile Phone Unlocking is simply the removal of any network or carrier restrictions on your phone allowing it to be used with any sim card. You simply enter a code into your mobile phone to unlock it.

What are the benefits of Unlocking?

There are many benefits to unlocking, however the main one has to be the ability to switch networks in order to get the best deal on your calls. Mobile phone unlocking also vastly increases the value of your handset allowing you to resell it once you decide to get a new one.

Travel a lot or going abroad?

Unlocking you phone has many benefits for the frequent traveler. Once you have unlocked your phone you may also then be able to enable dual, tri or even quad band capability which will allow you to use your phone across the world without hefty roaming charges. As you can use any SIM card on any network you will also be able to buy SIM cards from local service providers in the country you are staying and take advantage of their cheaper prices while abroad slashing the prices you would normally expect to pay on calls and text messages.

Is one SIM just not enough?

An unlocked phone allows you the use of a dual SIM adaptor. In means you can have two SIM cards linked to your phone and you can switch between the two of them without having to physically change the cards over. This is ideal if you want to separate work and private calls, or if you are frequently traveling abroad.

Changing phones?

Sell your old phone for more. Most people frequently upgrade their phone and when they do there old phone just gathers dust around the house. Why not get a code and unlock that phone and increase the value by up to 300%!

What are the risks?

There are none! The unlocking process is quick and simple, our step by step instructions will guide you through the process which often only takes a few minutes. No damage will be done to the phone as no software is used. The process is completely legal.

Where can I get an Unlock Code for my Smartphone?

Unlock codes are unique to each handset and can vary by what carrier and country the cellphone is locked on. Use a reputable unlocking service and make sure you provide the correct information from your mobile phone. You will need the IMEI number which is unique to every cellular device. Other information needed can vary by brand. In the case of BlackBerry phones, your will also need to provide a PRD number and if asked a network MEP number.

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  1. i also by a samsung sm-J110G from singapur. now i am in mobile locked by sim network. mobile asked a puk cod. pleas tel me how can i remove this lock…

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