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unlocking instructions for blackberry samsung htc lg motorola and more

Unlocking instructions

We provide unlocking codes and step by step easy to follow unlocking instructions on how to enter an unlock code in smartphone. Do not try to guess and enter a code into a mobile phone. Unlock codes are unique to each handset. That is why we request the IMEI number in order to get the correct unlock code. On some models if you enter an incorrect unlock code too many times, the phone will either freeze or get hardlocked. Once hardlocked you will not be able to unlock the phone.

  • Blackberry
  • Torch 9860 9850 9810 9800
  • Bold 9930 9900 9790 9780 9700 9650 9000
  • Tour 9630
  • Curve 9370 9360 9300 8900 8520 8500 Curve 8320 8310 8300
  • Pearl 9105 9100 3G Pearl 8120 8110 8105 8100
  • Pearl Flip 8220 8200
  • HTC
  • Radar, HD2, HD, Ryhme, Amaze, Sensation, ThunderBolt, Flyer, Vigor, Holiday, JetStream, Titan, EVO 3D, Explorer, Salsa, Incredible, Desire, Wildfire, HD7, Trophy, Gratia, Mozart, Whit100, Hero, Pure, Aria, Touch, MyTouch, Evo, Ozone, Diamond g2, Tilt, Tilt 2, Touch, Droid, Surround, Cha Cha – If you don’t see your HTC model just ask us.
  • Motorola
  • Backflip, Milestone, Razor, Droid, Cliq, Devour, Defy, Charm, Atrix, F3, RAZR – If you don’t see your Motorola model just ask us.
  • Apple
  • iPhone – Select networks, models and countries – please ask.
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Experia, Ray, Play, Play 4g, Ray Arc, Neo, Pro, Mini Pro, Mini, X10, X10a, Txt, Txt Pro, Walkman, X8, Vivaz, Active, Aspen, W395, W518, W518a, X1, C905, Yari, Aino, t68i, t616, W350a, Z310a, W800i, C902, W760a, W350i, K800i, W300i, W518i, TM506, W580i, W810i – If you don’t see your Sony Ericsson model just ask us.
  • Samsung
  • Galaxy, Infuse 4G, Exhibit II 4G, Blackjack, Vibrant, Mythic, T239, Galaxy Tab, Omnia, Captivate, Instinct, Memoir, Propel, Strive, A177, T401g, T139, Sunburst, Eternity, Moment, Epic, T629, SGH-T959, Intercept, S,- If you don’t see your Samsung model just ask us.
  • LG
  • Thrill, Optimus, Enlighten, Touch, Envoy, Marquee, DoublePlay Attune, Revlutions, Genersis, G2x, Thrive, Phoenix, Saber, Banter, Vortex, Axis, Apex, Octane, Neon, Wine, VU, Rumor, Voyager, Quantum, Sentio, Shine, Prime, Neon, Envy, Eny touch, Xenon, Incite, Vu Plus, Versa, Touch – If you don’t see your LG model just ask us.
  • Pantech
  • All models on AT&T
  • Sidekick
  • All models on T-Mobile
  • Nokia
  • Select models, networks and countries – please ask.
  • Huwaei


Click on the below links to find Model Specific instructions for each Brand
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  2. Sony Ericsson Unlocking Instructions
  3. Samsung Unlocking Instructions
  4. Motorola Unlocking Instructions
  5. LG Unlocking Instructions
  6. HTC Unlocking Instructions

Find the Unlock Code for a Smartphone


Technology & professional expertise to deliver online phone unlocking & SIM unblocking codes for BlackBerry, LG, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Apple & more. Our automated system gives you the ability to remotely unblock the network SIM restriction imposed on your cellphone by the mobile wireless network. Our validated & assured methods are completely legal and do not impose any changes on your handset’s OS software, insuring that the factory warranty remains intact.

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