Network MEP Code vs. MEP Number? Not the same on Blackberry

on a blackberry the network mep code is not the same as the mep number

BlackBerry Network MEP Code vs. BlackBerry MEP Number

The network MEP code is not the same thing as the MEP number on a Blackberry smartphone. Both numbers play an important role in the unlocking process, but one, the MEP number can be obtained on the firmware of the phone, the other, the network MEP code has to be purchased from a reputable unlocking service like

Have you ever tried placing a SIM card from a different wireless network into your mobile phone? If your cellphone is still factory locked then you probably encountered messages such as enter network MEP code, or enter a subsidy code, or enter the unlock code. When your cellphone is locked it will only work on the wireless service provider and country in which you originally purchased and used the phone on. So when a cellphone asks for the network MEP code, it is asking for a code that is unique to each handset. This code disables the MEP2 lock and allows the mobile to work with SIM cards from different service providers. Once unlocked your phone will never re-lock. Unlocking a phone is completely legal. On a Blackberry smartphone the message you see in the last step if you are following unlocking instructions is “Enter Network MEP Code (10 left)”. This is why we confuse the network MEP code with the MEP number.

The MEP number is the ID number of a Blackberry handset that can tell you to which wireless service provider (ie. Orange, Movistar, Vodafone, AT&T, etc) the phone was originally sold to. MEP numbers look like this: MEP-06041-009 or MEP-30669-001 and and are different depending on model, manufacturing date and network carrier. The MEP number is placed by RIM in the OS firmware of the phone, but it is in the hidden engineering screens which can only be accessed by entering a code that can be obtained using an MEP Key Generator Tool and reader. MEP is short for mobile equipment personalisation.

The MEP number is often needed to insure a 100% correct code when trying to unlock a Blackberry smartphone. Along with the MEP, you will need to provide the unlocker with the handsets IMEI number and its PRD number.

So you now know that the MEP can mean two things when in reference to a Blackberry. The MEP number and the network MEP code are two entirely different things. If you found this article helpful please click on the below share buttons and help spread a little more mobile tech knowledge.

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