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get the mep number on a blackberry from the key protected engineering screenWhat is the MEP number?

MEP refers to an identification number placed on all Blackberry smartphones. It stands for mobile equipment personalisation. When a wireless service provider (ie. Vodafone, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc) places an order with RIM for new Blackberry handsets, these handsets are programmed with firmware to match the carriers specifications (language, logos, etc). This process also embeds a carrier specific MEP number into the engineering screen of each Blackberry handset. In many cases in order to successfully get an unlock code for your phone, you will need to find and provide an unlocker with the MEP number off your Blackberry.

How to find the MEP Number on a Blackberry Smartphone

If you are planning to unlock your Blackberry cellphone so that you can use it with active SIM cards from different service providers, then it is important that you know the MEP number from your handset. Blackberry factory settings only provide 10 attempts to enter a correct unlock code into your phone. If you end up with 0 attempts, then your phone will be hard-locked and you will not be able to unlock it. 

Providing the IMEI number from your Blackberry is not enough to guarantee a 100% correct unlock code. The only way to guarantee a 100% correct unlock code is to provide a correct IMEI number and a correct MEP number. 

 Click here to Read the MEP on a Blackberry

This is especially important if your phone is locked on a network service provider that has operations in different countries. Some examples of these wireless service carriers are: Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, Three, LIME, Digicel, Claro, Movistar, Virgin, Wind, and Entel.