When BlackBerry Met BlueBerry

When BlackBerry met BlueBerry

When BlackBerry met BlueBerry

LIP Service To Patent Protection Is On The RIM Of The Law

It looks like a BlackBerry, it acts like a BlackBerry, perhaps it even smells like one; certainly the logo is indistinguishable from the logo on a BlackBerry Bold 9700 unless inspected closely.

It’s actually the Shanzhai BB 6300,  on sale in Singapore for $80US at the local 7-Eleven stores and it’s amusing to read on blogs the number of people who “just saw a BlackBerry for $80US”.  No you didn’t!

Tell Me More. Does It Work?
We’d like to but the article we found on New Gadget Info website was written in what we can only describe as “awkward English”; or was it Google’s worst ever translation? If you are fluent in English then the article is worth reading if only for amusement. So not much to go on for this fake Blackberry.
After Further Investigation

The cellphonemobile.org website provided a slightly more comprehendible report, implying that the data was perhaps credible. It transpires that the BlueBerry i6300 is the latest mobile phone to be made by Malaysia’s CSL.

It offers dual system GSM-GSM, is equipped with analog TV tuner that the report suggests will facilitate reception of al Indonesian TV stations. We therefore speculate that Indonesia must be the target market.

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What Else Does A BlueBerry Offer?

Visuals show a fully supported Qwerty keyboard and a 2.3 inch screen. It is equipped with MP3/MP4 music player , video recorder, FM radio and camera. Bluetooth is also offered, permitting users to share files, photo’s and music with similarly equipped devices. Having J2ME Java will permit users to acquire a wide range of game apps.

What Will A BlueBerry Do?

At UnlockWorldwide.com we don’t expect to be servicing the BlueBerry, we concentrate on unlocking genuine BlackBerry smartphones. After all, it will not receive the same support as RIM provides users of a Torch, Curve, Bold or Storm or BBM service.

We can only speculate that Research In Motion will attempt to limit influx into Western markets. Like Gucci, Ferragamo or Dior there appears to be no way one can control the Far East’s total lack of respect for intellectual copyright, even though their Governments offer us lip service compliance.

The test for an Indonesian aspiring to become a middle class consumer appears to be that it only cost him $80 and neither you nor I can smell the difference. As long as the BlueBerry 6300 works then the purchaser can “strut his stuff”, flashing his BlackBerry look alike alongside his fake Rolex. I suspect that for $80US in Singapore he could have bought a better Android phone.

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