What is a Mobile Subsidy?

faq what is mobile subsidy code? - unlockworldwide.com

faq what is mobile subsidy code? - unlockworldwide.com

What is a Mobile Subsidy?

The mobile subsidy occurs when the mobile phone manufacturers come to a financially sensitive contractual agreement with one or more of the Mobile Network Operators who in turn promote and sell the handsets through their online or retail outlets.  The phone is usually offered to the consumer at a subsidized cost, and the difference is subsequently recuperated from the purchaser over the life his retail contract.

Operator Lock

To preserve the integrity of the subsidized commercial arrangement the manufacturer incorporates a cell phone subsidy code into the handset supplied to the Network Provider and the operator locks the cellphone to that wireless network carrier.

What is the Subsidy Lock Code?

This eight digit code (more recently extended to 16 digits in SmartPhones) is often referred to as the Subsidy Code or Subsidy Passport. It ensures that the phone operates only on the seller Network and excludes use of SIM cards from competing operator networks. The subsidy lock code applies the network SIM block restriction.

Why Use a Subsidy Unlock Number?

There are a number of legitimate reasons to legally use an unlocking code and facilitate the transfer of service to an alternate Network. The subsidy unlock code unblocks the network SIM restriction and opens the mobile phone for use with SIM cards from any competing wireless network.

How To Remove The Subsidy Unlocking Code

While some manufacturers do provide cellphone subsidy unlocking codes for older models, most will charge or decline to collaborate.  Consequently a number of professional Unlockers (such as UnlockWorldwide.com) have developed reliable unlocking services, mostly internet based, at an affordable cost.

Beware: Not all such unlocking services are legitimate and FREE is rarely without risk.

Find the Subsidy Code

To generate the Unlock Code / Subsidy Code / Subsidy Passport you will be asked to provide the unique IMEI number assigned to your mobile phone. This fifteen (or 17) digit number can be ascertained by dialing *#06# on your handset.

Take care reading and communicating the IMEI numbers correctly to your elected Unlocking Service; a single digit error generates an erroneous subsidy unlock code and causes delay, frustration and expense.

unlock a mobile phone subsidy codes - all brands worldwide

The SIM Subsidy Unlock Code

Services such as UnlockWorldWide.com , having analyzed the IMEI, will send you an Unlocking Code and will offer a clear step by step instruction on how to unlock a mobile phone and insert the code into your cellphone or smartphone.


Most phones allow only three attempts to insert the correct Unlock Code and will freeze your handset when a frustrated client persists. Make sure to use a reputable Unlocker for a correct password code. Some the mobile brands that can be unlocked include: BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Pantech, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Apple iPhone.

If the phone does not unlock successfully at the FIRST attempt it is best to contact your Unlocking specialist immediately. For some manufacturer UnlockWordlwide.com can resolve the frozen handset by providing a separate unfreeze code. If you are getting a code error or invalid code, experience shows that you have probably read and communicated the wrong IMEI.


A mobile subsidy occurs when a network provider  sells a mobile phone at a subsidized cost. The cellphone is subsequently locked to that carrier. A subsidy code unblocks the SIM lock restriction. The subsidy unlock code can be obtained from a reputable online Unlocker by providing the 15 digits IMEI number off your mobile phone.

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