Is the FLUSH a New Android Phone?

Is the Flush a new Android Phone

Is the Flush a new Android Phone

It Appears More Related To Toilet Humour And Uninsured Mobile Phones

We couldn’t resist passing on The Mail Online’s analysis of  nearly 2000 water damaged mobile phones. It reports that half of those phones had been dropped into the toilet!  At we surveyed our relatives and friends and concluded that it’s MAN problem.

Ladies it appears usually drop their phones onto the bathroom floor and the one third of females who did hit the water declined to explain how.

Alternate Targets included the kitchen sink (plausible) and the bathtub or shower. There must be better places to check facebook!

Are Remedies Available?

Mobile phone manufacturers, be it Apple or Android and your Network Provider, be it  O2, 3 or Vodafone, will say yes; tick the phone insurance box.

For the vast majority who do not insure against loss and damage the suggestions are mixed and anecdotal. At we are obviously far too smart to risk texting while inside the restroom. But we do admit to having dumb relatives.

Uncle Ben swears that roasting his Motorola for a week on top of the radiator resuscitated his RazR. At least that’s what he told his wife.

Cousin Mable, a wiz in the kitchen, buried her son’s BlackBerry in a bag of rice. Husband Cliff’s claims of it growing may be spurious but Mable claims that the rice did appear to absorb all the moisture and that after a lengthy rest  and a battery charge the phone worked.

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Our Advice. Obvious. Keep Your Mobile Device In Your Pocket

MALES – If men simply cannot refrain from texting on uninsured phones while operating machinery, then they have nothing to lose experimenting with radiators, rice or even those little bags of de-humidification granules.

FEMALES – At we happen to be male and have yet to find ladies who are prepared to explain to us HOW a female’s phone ends up in the U bend.

Perhaps she throws it at another female who is powdering her nose?

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