A New Flavour Of BlackBerry Announced

RIM reveals the new BlackBerry Bold 9790

RIM reveals the new BlackBerry Bold 9790

RIM Reveals the BlackBerry Bold 9790

After some considerable speculation regarding launch date, Research In Motion have made a timely announcement of the BlackBerry Bold 9790, just in time for it to qualify as a Christmas stocking stuffer. Mmmm… a smooth announcement is not exactly a launch; will it be in the stores before Santa leaves home or not?

How to Unlock BlackBerry Bold 9790

As usual all new BlackBerry Bold 9790 smart phones come locked to the wireless network provider the mobile is original assigned to. At UnlockWorldwide.com  we already have the unlocking solution and can get you the unique BlackBerry Bold 9790 unlock code. If want to learn how to unlock a Blackberry Bold 9790, then head over to our BlackBerry unlocking instructions section and follow the directions.

What Does The 9790 Offer?

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The Blackberry Bold 9790 falls into the Smartphone category and comes with the following features:

  • The benefits of BlackBerry’s OS 7 operating system.
  • The BB 9790 Bold comes with a 2.45 inch touchscreen.
  • The Bold 9790 Blackberry has an optical trackpad.
  • The design is purposely narrow, aimed at those who like a “comfortable grip and a smooth pocket”.
  • A 1GHz processor powers the Blackberry 9790.
  • The 9790 Bold offers 8 GB of storage which can be expanded
  • On the 9790 expansion using a micro SD memory card can be up to 32GB
  • Another feature on the Blackberry is a 5Mp camera with 2x zoom
Further Benefits of the BlackBerry Bold 9790 Suggested by RIM

RIM maintain that the new OS 7 will generate a 40% faster web browsing capability over OS 6, thanks largely to advanced WebKit browser engine and improvements to the device. They also contend that the mobile platform has optimized zooming / panning, plus improved HTML5 performance and Liquid Graphics technology. The latter, working with the device’s dedicated graphics processor, CPU and display, deliver “a highly responsive touch interface with incredibly fast and smooth graphics”

Excellent promises which we hope will be corroborated as reviewers put the smartphone through their challenging battery of cynical tests.

Any Icing on the BlackBerry Muffin?

RIM suggest that the mobile OS which is incorporated into the BlackBerry Bold 9790 will have built-in support for Augmented Reality and Near Field Communications technology. Maybe we will be PHONE TAPPING sooner than we imagined; By that we mean… to buy goods by tapping the check-out with our phone… and not the British style “phone hacking” !!!!

BlackBerry Bold 9790

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