LG Thrill

LG Thrill P925 Smartphone

LG Thrill P925 Smartphone

This is truly a new and amazing new smartphone from LG Electronics. It is called the LG Thrill (P925) and it geared towards that user that must have the latest in viewing technology. The main feature is that you can view the screen using the special glasses in 3D, and you can also record video in 3D. And it comes with a new dual core processor to back this up. The device is connected to LG’s exclusive 3D Space where you can view movies, games and photos in 3D. The second main feature is that the LG Thrill is equipped with 4G network technology which it will definitely need if you are going to take advantage of all those bandwidth sucking 3D applications. The LG Thrill will launch in October 2011 on the AT&T wireless network in the United States.

Manufacturer: LG Electronics

Model: Thrill P925

Powered by: Android OS 2.2 Platform


Network Availability: AT&T

Main features:

  • 4G Speed
  • Dual Core Processor and Dual Channel RAM
  • Video – 3D Viewing and Recording
  • 4.3″ 3D Capacitive Touch Screen
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Dual Lens 5 MP autofocus Camera and LED Flash
  • 8GB Onboard Memory plus 8GB Card
  • 1500 mAh Battery


  • 5.93oz
  • Comes with 3D view glasses
  • 5.07″ x 2.67″ x 0.47″
  • Comes locked but can be unlocked by code for worldwide network use.
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