Enter Network MEP Code

Blackberry MEP Code

Network MEP Code

For Unlocking Accuracy it is Important to know you mobile phones network origin

  • Always provide the phone information we ask for accurately. An incorrect IMEI number will only give you an incorrect unlock code.
  • For BlackBerry mobile phones, we provide 100% accurate unlock codes with the MEP number. We provide a free MEP Reader Tool.
  • Be clear as which model name or number you are wanting to unlock.
  • Please provide the Network and Network Country your phone is locked on. Not the wireless network you want to use it on.

We provide unlocking on most brands and on nearly all worldwide cellular networks. We also provide free easy to follow step by step unlocking instructions on how to enter the unlock code on your mobile.

What is the Network MEP Code?

The network mep code is the same thing as the phone unlocking code. Not to be confused with the MEP number which is found on a BlackBerry smartphone and is used to determine the phones origin.

Most Blackberry phones can be unlocked without the MEP number. We only need the IMEI and PRD. If the MEP is needed we will ask you to use the MEP Reader Tool and provide it. We personally look at each order. We do not send out ten codes for you to try.  We only provide one correct unlock code.

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Blackberry MEP Code

How do I read the MEP number on Blackberry using the Key Generator tool?

The MEP Number on a Blackberry smartphone has been placed by the RIM (the factory) on the OS firmware of the phone in the engineering screens section. However the engineering screens menu is hidden and locked. There is a way to unlock it and open the engineering menu for viewing. You do this by generating a key (code) and entering this key into the HELP ME menu on the handset. No need for a cable or to download software. Click here to use the MEP READER TOOL to get the MEP number off your BlackBerry.

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