Fry’ing The Mobile Phone

Frying the Mobile Phone - Apple iPhone

Frying the Mobile Phone - Apple iPhone

Exclusive To Our UK Clients Or BBC World Service Listeners

This week the British Broadcasting Corporation have persuaded the Apple iPhone loving Stephen Fry to begin a five part program on BBC Radio 4 entitled  “Stephen Fry On The Phone”.

Reviewing the geographic location of our customer base we at are acutely aware that many of you will have never heard of the actor, author, raconteur, journalist, etc. etc. and consummate wit, Stephen Fry. In fact your only possible contact may be the BBC World Service.

In the United Kingdom he is regarded as a polymath and national treasure. To wider audiences in the English speaking world he is known thanks to re-runs of his TV role as Jeeves to Hugh Laurie’s Bertie Wooster, or Melchet to Rowan Atkinson’s Blackadder.

What May You Ask Makes Fry An Expert On The Phone?

As a frequent blogger on a multitude of subjects, including the mobile phone, and being recognized as a prolific twitterer, Stephen Fry has developed the credentials and a huge following that bolster his right to pontificate on the history and future of the mobile device.

In not much more than two decades the mobile phone has transformed from AT&T’s elitist executive tool that resembled a brick, to an ubiquitous device that relentlessly drives technology forward beyond the boundaries we are only just beginning to call our Smartphone.

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Episode One

In which Fry speaks to two engineers who in the 1960’s worked at Bell Labs in the USA.  In conceiving the creation of a cellular phone network they speculated that there might possibly be 50,000 people globally with the need or desire to use such a network. Their vision was derided by the likes of Motorola who considered valuable airwave space better dedicated to television (which in those days Motorola manufactured in the USA).

Today there are more mobile phones than people on the planet; odd as that statistic seems. Many are now dependent upon the mobile phone to earn their livelihood or stay safe in their community.

How Can You Listen To This Series?

We have not seen the content of the subsequent programs but are confident that they will offer insight and entertainment equal to the first.

Perhaps you are not interested in this topic or are simply too busy; that’s fine.

For others whose busy daytime schedule or global location preclude listening, but would like to hear the series of five fifteen-minute programs, we suggest the BBC PodCast.  Log onto and search for the page which explains how to access PodCasts via iTunes, Zune, Google Reader or My Yahoo.

The Benefits Of A Good Fry Up?

If that seems to be a great deal of effort then consider the benefit of enrolling; access to hundreds of hours of quality BBC archive now available to you via the BBC PodCast ; and all are FREE.

So, far from fry’ing the phone we are likely to learn the recipe that created the dish we now find ourselves unable to live without. It might include fry’ing BlackBerry’s!  Listen in and enjoy.

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