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How to find the PRD # on a Blackberry SmartPhone:

If you are looking to unlock a Blackberry mobile phone, then it is important that you provide your handsets PRD number during the checkout process on Just providing your IMEI is not enough as the unlock which is unique to each blackberry handset can vary depending on which network provider the phone originated on.

During checkout please provide the following:

  1. PRD Number
  2. Model Number
  3. Service Provider
  4. Country your cellphone is locked on
  5. 15 Digit IMEI number (no spaces or dots)
  6. MEP Number (Only if we ask you for it)

To find the PRD Number on your Blackberry do the following:

  • Take the battery off the blackberry
  • On the blackberry handset behind the battery there is a UPC sticker
  • The PRD number is written on the top of that UPC sticker
  • An example of a PRD # would be: PRD-179001-001

Please make sure you provide the correct number and enter it in this format (PRD-xxxxx-xxx) before adding your unlocking solution to the checkout cart.

Thank you

Unlock Worldwide Team

click here to get your blackberry mep code

  1. ZADI says:

    I have a blackberry passport. how to retrieve the PRD number from escreen..In which section ?
    Thanks for your answer

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