how to unlock blackberry bold 9780

9780 – How to Unlock Blackberry Bold

9780 – Unlocking Instructions


These unlocking instructions are to be used once you have received your unlock code from


Before entering an unlock code, please make sure the 15 digit IMEI number you gave us is correct. Unlocking Codes are unique to each Blackberry. Follow the instructions on this link to properly read the IMEI on your handset.


Should you get a “Code Error” message when entering the unlock code, STOP and contact us immediately. By default Blackberry only allows 10 attempts to enter a correct unlock code. If you have less than 3 attempts left, do NOT enter a code without first providing us with your handsets MEP number. Providing an MEP number guarantees a 100% correct unlock code.How to read the MEP.

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How to enter an Unlock Code on the Blackberry Bold 9780

1. You must have a SIM card in your phone to complete these steps (it can be an active or inactive SIM card). suggest you have a fully charged battery.  Ensure the phone is not displaying the low battery warning!

2. Turn on the BlackBerry handset. This should prompt you to enter the Unlock Code supplied by

3. Go to OPTIONS / DEVICE / ADVANCED SETTINGS / SIM CARD  on your handset’s screen

4. Use the keyboard on your Bold 9780 to type the letters “MEPD” (do not use  quotation marks or you will not be able to see what you type on the screen).

6. A Personalization Screen will appear.  Type “mep2” or “mep [alt] 2” (do not use  quotes or you will not see what you type on the screen).

7. You will now be prompted to enter the UNLOCK CODE provided by into your Bold 9780 Blackberry.

8. Your Blackberry Bold 9780 is now unlocked.

9. It is always good practice to do a full reset on your Bold 9780 by extracting the battery for a few seconds and then reinserting it before switching on your phone.

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