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Who we are

UnlockWorldwide is a privately held company specializing in unlocking solutions and SIM unblocking for global mobile wireless devices in the telecommunications industry, with offices in Miami and London. Founded in 2003.

What we do

UnlockWorldwide combines proprietary technology and professional expertise with information technology, process engineering and wireless machinery to develop unlocking solutions and unblock codes for mobile phones. If you get an Invalid SIM message, then you know your cellphone is still locked.


UnlockWorldwide’s automated systems allow users to unblock the network SIM restrictions imposed on cellphones by wireless networks. The company utilizes validated and assured methods that are completely legal, and do not impose any changes on a mobile’s OS software, insuring that the factory warranty remains intact.

Unlocking Solutions for the following Brands:

  • BlackBerry® – All models on all networks – IMEI, PRD and MEP unlock code in minutes.
  • LG® – All models on all networks – Fast Remote IMEI unlocking by code.
  • Samsung® – All models on most worldwide networks – Unlock and unfreeze codes. Same day.
  • HTC® – All models on all networks – Unlock by code. Unblock SIM restriction. Instant.
  • Motorola® – All models on most global carriers. Subsidy unlock codes.
  • Sony Ericsson® – All models on most network providers. Unlock by Code instantly.
  • Apple® – iPhone unlocking solutions for select wireless networks. Please ask.
  • Unblocking for other brands such as Huawei, Sidekick, Pantech, Vodafone, Nokia, HP and Siemens.

Worldwide Wireless Networks

No matter what network your cell phone is blocked on, we have a solution. Most brands can be unlocked in minutes or same day. Here are a few of the  service providers we deal with: AT&T, 3 Hutchison, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Rogers Wireless, Sprint,  Orange, Telcel, Movistar, O2, Claro, Digicel, Telstra, Optus, Telus, Etisalat, Bell, Virgin Mobile, TIM, Wind, Three, Comcel, Tigo, China Mobile, STC, Mobily, Vodacom, MTN, Beeline, SFR, LIME, Bouygues, and many more


UnlockWorldwide assures the accuracy of this process and backs it up with a money back guarantee. UnlockWorldwide’s process and results have been validated by over one hundreds thousand satisfied customers.

UnlockWorldwide’s name

UnlockWorldwide derives its name for the process of unblocking the network SIM card restriction, which is also known as unlocking. Servicing customer needs on all international wireless networks derives the second part of our name. We can help you unblock the SIM lock on your cellular phone from the comfort of your home. Just follow our easy to follow how to enter an unlock code instructions.

Management team

  • John Illsley, Managing Director
  • Joseph Gustafson, Marketing Director

How do I unlock my phone?

Unlocking is safe, easy and fast. At we value your patronage.

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