Is Yandex Spandex? Niet.

Yandex Search Engine in Russia is European Leader

Yandex Search Engine in Russia is European Leader

But The Russian Search Engine Is Getting More Muscle.

At the booming Russian Federation’s mobile phone subscribers are amongst our most appreciated customers.

For those of us not familiar with the market synergy in Russia we can tell you that Yandex is their home grown search engine and very successful it is too.

Russia recently overtook Germany  to become Europe’s (if you consider Russia to be European) leader in unique visitor audience.

We thought a review of the latest Yandex news would be of interest.

Yandex Snap Up Leading Mobile Developer

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Yandex had acquired SPB Software, a leading developer of mobile software, creating a “potentially new market for Yandex and a plethora of possibilities for innovation with our partners”.

Yandex CEO Arkady Voloz went on to note that SPB Shell 3D was an ideal foundation on which to build up opportunities in the mobile phone market.

With Russia having a low credit card penetration it remains a cash dominated society, inhibiting growth of e-commerce. Huawei recently selected SPB Shell 3D as its interface for the forthcoming Android powered Vision phone; an agreement that will also exploit SPB’s “mobile wallet” software.


Yandex Becomes Default For Windows In Russia

In a surprise announcement, the usually intransigent Microsoft waited until Thanksgiving Day to slip a stunner under the radar. As American feasted on turkey and pumpkin, Microsoft ….. ever so softly acknowledged that they were dropping their Bing search engine within the Russian Federation, acknowledging that with a mere 1% take up they could not flog a dead horse.

Yandex, with a 64% market share in the Russian Federation ,was preferred by Nokia, HTC and Samsung. Microsoft listened to the manufacturers and will now pre-load Yandex.

Yandex And Facebook Team Up For Music

The Moscow News last week reported that Yandex, fifth ranked amongst global search engines, has agreed to integrate its mobile music service Muzika with social network giant Facebook.

The linked-up format will display the names of tracks a Facebook subscriber is listening to on their Yandex.Muzika account; an impressive 2.6 million track library.

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Yandex.Maps Offers Travelers Info On Public Transport

The website TelecomPaper offered the following report:

Russian search engine Yandex started providing information about available public transport routes based on current traffic conditions via Yandex.Maps‘ journey planner.

Yandex.Maps offers its users an opportunity to choose the less-congested and, therefore, the fastest routes to their destination using public transport.

Considering the existing traffic situation helps users plan their daily public transport commute. Up to three routes are offered by the Yandex.Maps service.

Route suggestions for the same origin and destination may change within half an hour as traffic information on the service is updated continually


 Yandex Opens Search Engine In Turkey

Travelling for the first time outside their Russian speaking orbit Yandex opened a search engine service in Turkish. The platform also offers web-mail, news aggregation and automated translation service.


No Spandex Wardrobe But Certainly As Fit As Putin

It seems to us at that Yandex is in a buoyant mood that must be the envy of competitors in the Bear Markets of Europe or even the USA.

This Russian appears to be a Bull with no “doom and gloom” on Yandex’ horizon.

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