Android Tittle-Tattle Roundup

Android updates for Verizon Droid Charge and HTC Dream

Android updates for Verizon Droid Charge and HTC Dream

A Miscellany Of Current Android Gossip

Scanning the latest posts on reputable forums, those with usually reliable contributors, we came across a number of brief articles that we considered of interest to our own readers. There is as yet insufficient hard data available to merit a stand-alone article (but watch this space) so we thought that a roundup was appropriate

Verizon’s Droid CHARGE Getting Gingerbread Update November 29

Serbian Dusan Belic writes for IntoMobile and reports that Verizon will be releasing a firmware update for the Verizon Droid CHARGE smartphone. This will add Gingerbread to the Samsung Charge and add a number of improvements and fixes:

  • Updated Download Manager App for web browsing, e-mail, etc.
  • Improved word selection and copy/paste function
  • New widgets, icons and screens
  • Improved security measures via SD card encryption
  • Updated calendar options
  • Pause, Wait and Password are added to voicemail speed dial entry
  • Improved vibration alert
  • Incorporated an SUA (software upgrade assistant)
  • Low battery alert has a reduced volume
Fahrbot Utilities Launch Undelete For Android

We read about this product on the Apps Affair website. They reported that Fahrbot, who have previously developed several very useful apps, are beta testing an application that can recover deleted files from your memory card or internal storage.

However, a current evaluation of success suggests that you have reasonable expectations. Files that you deleted a year ago may strain the current technology, but more recent deletions appear to have a high success rate. And Fahrbot have a good track record for continued improvement to products.

This app requires root access (unlocking your phone) which we at will be pleased to offer, guaranteeing delivery and value.

Blackberry MEP Code

GetJar adds Update Notification To Android Apps

GetJar have announced that they will be adding a developer oriented app which will allow the developer to advise users when an Android app update or new level becomes available.

The push notification will automatically drive an announcement to anyone who has downloaded a game or app from GetJar.

GetJar suggest that developers should view the app as an engagement tool that can refresh a users interest in a game after he has possibly moved on to a more recent product.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Ported To HTC Dream

Blogman123 writes Android Update, that following the release of Android 4.0 and subsequent disclosure of the source code, there was a huge rush to port the OS to various devices.

This anecdotally includes phones that do not even operate on Android OS. What? An Android BlackBerry Bold 9900? An iPhone 4S Android?

Perhaps more credible was the experiment to port the operating system to the original Google phone, the HTC G1 or Dream. While this phone is no longer commercially available so the experiment can reasonably be described as a techies orgy.

If you are enthused by that news and want to read the details, check out the source article.  At  we suspect those most of our valuable customers are more focused on unlocking their Samsung Galaxy and returning to watch the Manchester United, the Red Sox, Formula1 or Angelina Jolie.

Roundup Reprise

We hope these snippets of  off the presses gossip were entertaining and enlightening. At we are happy to see that at least one app requires that you unlock your phone to exploit the benefits.

Some of us do not clearly understand how useful to our life many apps can be.


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