Are You A Loser?

Are you a Cell Phone Loser?

Are you a Cell Phone Loser?

Some Of Us Never Lose Our Phones, Others Are Frequent Flyers

Our recent post relating to Phone Dunking, the high incidence of mobile phones ending up in the toilet, caused us to ponder on the imponderable; the benefits of mobile phone insurance. Having to replace a smart phone like an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or BlackBerry Curve can be a serious issue for most.

Research revealed a great deal of blatantly commercial promotion, perverse guides that led to promotion, and very little in the way of general advice on good practice.

Is Phone Insurance A Good Buy?

As our introduction implies there are those who never lose or drop a mobile phone. For those admirable few, self-insurance makes much sense.

We naturally consider ourselves to be amongst this elite fraternity; but we have friends who borrow and drop our phones for us.

The third category, the vast majority, are those mobile phone users we watch in awe as they jostle with the morning rush hour masses boarding bus or subway, balancing a take out coffee, bag, magazine and inevitably a BlackBerry attached to one ear. This class of subscriber, who have only two arms and “live on the edge”, should seriously consider buying insurance.

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So, Are YOU A Loser Or A Keeper?

It is a reality of phone insurance that few companies maintain history; we are all classed equal and there is no phone “no claims bonus”. Therefore YOU must carefully determine your personal risk category. What are YOUR chances of losing or damaging your treasured but fragile and increasingly expensive appendage?

What Are The Variables?

If you have a Pay-As You-Go phone contract your risk is limited if lost or stolen. Few people top up with large sums so a thief or finder cannot run up a huge bill. You lost the cost of your phone but can replace it with what you can afford. If you need to you can always unlock a BlackBerry or other cellphone you might have lying around and use that with a new SIM card.

For Post-Pay customers a great deal will depend upon the length of time you have left on your contract. Your Network Provider will probably issue you a replacement SIM card and you can then shop for the device your pocket can afford.

But don’t forget, you are still paying your monthly contract amount until it expires.

Losers Alternatives

At we are acutely aware that markets vary across the globe; the value of insurance to a US loser are likely to differ dramatically from someone in Indonesia.

There is no answer we can offer to the question; only YOU can determine whether pre-paying for risk is preferable to the costs incurred by a loss, a theft, carelessness or accident.

It’s your Wildfire,  Optimus, Torch, Xperia or Droid RazR ; YOU decide.